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Smiles on the Rail TrailSmiles on the Rail Trail

Start of the journey at MiddlemarchStart of the journey at Middlemarch


Well done and thanks again for a wonderful memory

January 14, 2009

Dear Matt,

We would all like to thank you and Roger for a memorable trip along the Otago Rail Trail last week.

It was outstanding!

I have to admit we were all apprehensive about the journey prior to our trip. The thoughts that ran thru our minds were endless: would it be to long? could we all handle riding 150k's? how would the 9 year old hold up? what would happen if one of us tired before the rest? would we like our guide?? and most importantly would the teenagers enjoy it?

Wow, were we lucky! We loved the trip, you and Roger were superb in looking after every detail of our journey. We knew from the minute we met both of you that we would be in very capable hands. The scenery was mesmerising, the bike riding was fun, the accommodations were comfortable and a welcome retreat after a long day. The people we met along the way were delightful and what more can I say about the food than it was everything we would wish for after a 30-40k bike ride each day. I haven't stopped talking about the Blue Cod we had at the restaurant in Chatter Creek and even managed to track down another recipe for Ambrosia.

We carried onto Queenstown, Doubtful Sound and Lake Wanaka and ended it with a helicopter ride up to Mt. Aspiring. After all that, we asked the kids what their favourite part of the trip was and their was no contest. They enjoyed the ride along the Otago Rail Trail with you and Roger the best.

Well done and thanks again for a wonderful memory. I am now convinced that the South Island is a special place and maybe even better than the North Island???

We would be more than happy to recommend your firm to anyone that is interested. Please feel free to offer our names if anyone has queries.

We send out best wishes to you both for a fantastic year in 2009!

Kind regards,
Jeanne Henriques and the rest of the gang: Peter, Patrick, Christine, Claire and Connor